fredag 29 maj 2015

9/9 Yellow square mittens

Yarn: Mitten- unknown 2 ply wool yarn, dyed with onion peel and white Tuna filtgarn from Borgs vävgarner. Cuff – brown 2-ply wool yarn that I recieved as a present (made from Värmland sheep!) and grey 2 ply wool yarn from Filtmakeriet. Needle size 2.5 mm. 

I am very fond of simple geometrical shapes, like squares. The colour yellow is also a favourite. Here I wanted to combine them into a simple, easy-to-knit pattern. They were the last I had time to make for this project and also, I think, my personal favourite!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Vilka fina vantar du gör!
    Jag bli inspirerad till att också sticka med olika mönster på ovan- och undersidan...

    1. Tack Emma! Gör det, det är superkul!