torsdag 28 maj 2015

7/9 Moon mittens

Yarn: Three-ply white wool yarn from Ullcentrum Öland, dyed with indigo after knitting. Needle size 2.5 mm.

I have experimented a lot to learn a more environmentally friendly way to dye with indigo. One way to do it is to make the dye vat with slaked lime and fructose, something I found work rather well (read more about my tries here). I have mostly experimented on cotton and linen fabric, but here I got the opportunity to try it's effect on wool yarn. I managed to keep the pH low
enough to not damage the wool. The mittens were dipped twice, but only for five minutes each, to cause as little damage as possible (low pH in a indigo vat is around 8-9, and that can still be bad for the wool if it is in the vat for a long time). 

The white moons were created with a clamp resist, and I really like that they became so exact, like a print.

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