söndag 24 maj 2015

2/9 Mirrored flowers mitten

Yarn: Kampes2-trådiga ullgarn ( 2-ply wool yarn from Kampes) in antracite gray. Tuna filtgarn from Borgs vävgarner in white and red (dyed with madder at 70 degrees C, alum mordant). Needle size 2.5 mm.

These you might have seen in a post from earlier this year. I wanted to knit a mitten with a classical look and an inserted thumb wedge, and I was really, really happy with the fit. The motif was created an afternoon when I was sitting at the library, doodling on a squared paper, trying out different shapes and seeing how they change when they are mirrored and the colour change from black to white.

If I'd knit these again I'd swap the gray for a natural natural dark grey colour. When I chose the yarn, I thought it was natural grey, but come spring and more light I realized it is dyed, and compared to natural coloured yarn it looks a bit dead. It is still a nice yarn(Kampes 2 plied wool is my other staple for two-colour knitting together with Tuna from Borgs), but I have more and more come to prefer natural wool colour or natural dyed yarn over factory dyed yarn.

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