fredag 29 maj 2015

8/9 Meadow mittens

Yarn: Random two ply wool yarns. Yellow- tansy, goldenrod and oak. Beige – velvet roll rim, orange – blood red webcap, green – tansy on grey yarn. Needle size 2.5 mm. 

When you like to experiment with dyeing, you rather soon end up with lots of small balls of yarn that are almost to tiny to use. Here I try different yellows and beiges in a pattern inspired by a flowering meadow. If I work more on this pattern, I think I will change the 'inside' - I am not completely satisfied with the stripes.

These days I always light-test my natural dyeing experiments, but the scraps I used in this project are old and I don't really don't know what will happen. I will get the full picture first after the mittens have been used. In anything changes - I will post!

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