onsdag 27 maj 2015

5/9 Random squares

Yarn: Filtmakeriets klassiska ullgarn (Filtmakeriet's classic wool yarn), 2 ply natural white and dark greyish brown. Cast on edge in madder and indigo dyed pieces of yarn. Needle size 2.5 mm.

Last year I discovered the wonderful yarn from lovely small scale wool producers Filtmakeriet, but I never found time to knit with it until now (the dark yarn in my Sållväv shawl is the same as the dark in these mittens, but single). It turned out to be a lovely yarn to knit with, full of grease! 

The pattern is a development from the previous one, where the squares go crazy. I like the look, but it was horrible to knit, and did not block so well (I'll redo it as soon as I get them back from the exhibition). I also had to knit the first mitten twice, because I totally miscalculated when I cast on. I had planned for a thumb with a wedged increase (like in the Mirrored flowers mittens) but I cast on really late at night and totally forgot that the thumb stitches are created as you increase during knitting, thus making the wedge. I cast on all stitches from the beginning, and didn't notice anything peculiar (other than that the mitten seemed very big) until it was time to bind off (se picture below) and I had 13 extra stitches on the inside of the mitten. I frogged it, and angrily finished it at double speed, with a normal straight thumb so I did not have to re knit the cuff.

The yarn Is lovely though, I will definitely use it more in the future!

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