måndag 15 juni 2015

Travelling business

These past weeks have been crazy busy with finishing work in school, saying goodbyes, packing up 2 years of accumulated textile ephemera and trying to store everything in smart places before me and my boyfriend get access to our new apartment in august. I had planned to post some concluding things about my time at Capellagården, some pictures of the exhibition etc. but time has really been to scarce. 

Now me and N (the boyfriend) are heading out on a month long backpacking trip in southern Europe, so here will be quiet for a while and the textile life will be put on hold. Although I could not help bringing some crochet for the trainride...crochet because my precious knitpro sticks might be too fragile for a backpack. :).Maybe I'll find some interesting textiles on the way, if so, you'll see them on my instagram @elinakelius.

Over and out until july!

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